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 Újudvar - Handbook of Zala county (Zala megye kézikönyve) - Hatvan, CEBA-Hungary Ltd, 1998.jpg

Nyilvános Nyilvános

Accessibility: The village of Újudvar is located in the middle of the Kelet-Zala hill country. It is situated 10 km north of Nagykanizsa, along the Pacsa road.
Municipality address:
8778 Újudvar, Petőfi út 2.
Phone: (93) 360-201
Mayor: Mrs. Tibor Gregor
Population: 1,008
Characteristics: According to legend there used to be a monastery in Gurbadűlő, south of the village. The name of the village was first mentioned in written documents in 1193. Although the area was settled by force, by the 13th century the settlement became an important market-town. In 1519 Újudvar had a mill, and around the middle of the century the area became known for its wine-production.
Agriculture, as the main source of income, has always been dominant. The level of infrastructure is fairly high: there is piped water, gas and sewage. The village has a kindergarten a primary school, a sports field, a culture house and a library.
Apartments with
water: 80%
gas: 90%
phone: 50%
sewage: 80%
paved roads: 100%
Sights: The settlement is making efforts to develop village tourism. The plans include the construction of a fishing pond, hiking areas and a ski-slope.

This text came from the following book:

Title: Handbook of Zala county (Zala megye kézikönyve)
Series: County handbooks of Hungary (Magyarország megyei kézikönyvei)
Chief editor: Hóbor József
Publisher: (Hatvan), CEBA-Hungary Ltd, 1998
ETO: 908.439.121(035) ; 050.8(439.121)
ISBN: 963-9089-18-2
Pages: 488-1040 p.
Remark: Closed on: 1998. márc. 31.